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Oporto WHITE OFFLEY is produced from a selection of grapes of the white chaste recommended in the Douro, including Malvasia Fina, Códega, Viosinho and Gouveio. Oporto WHITE OFFLEY has an attractive yellow color of shade straw and an intense fragrance dominated by floral notes, of compote of alperce and peach, and dry fruits. The aging in wood of oak ennobled it, increasing his wealth and complexity. In the mouth, the balance stands out between acidity and sweetness, culminated by a persistent and elegant end. Oporto WHITE OFFLEY must be served coldness (10th C-12º C) with dry fruits or salty almonds, aperitifs and varied entries. It is surprising with fresh desserts.

Capacity 0,75 Lts
Alcool 19.5

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