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Wine produced in the Region of the Douro from grapes of the traditional varieties of the Region - Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca and Tinta Barroca. It is characterized by a ruby red colour. Its aroma is dominated by red fruit (strawberry and cherry), balsamic notes (cedar and tobacco), with nuances of chocolate and a floral component. Its complexity is due to the careful selection of batches of the recommended varieties of the Douro region, as the evolution in the bottle. It has a good balance resulting from the softness of the Tinta Barroca, body and persistence of Touriga Franca and elegance of the tannins and Tinta Roriz. Being a very versatile wine, the Estava Red is ideal with all kind of birds, various meats, cheeses and some fish.

Capacity 1,5 Lts
Country Portugal
Region Douro
Alcool 13

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