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Tanqueray is a London Dry Gin with a dry and crisp taste. Whilst the recipe is a fiercely guarded secret it is thought to contain as little as four botanicals. Bottled at 47.3% ABV it’s very dry and has strong juniper notes with a hint of spice. The four botanicals thought to be used are juniper, coriander seed, angelica root and liquorice root all combining to create a smooth gin, well balanced, juniper dominant and everything a gin lover would want in a glass. There is a good reason why it’s been so popular across the world, it’s a great gin, creamy and both at 43.1%ABV and 47.3% ABV, easily drinkable and makes for a cracking G&T. The lack of citrus botanical makes it slightly earthier than many other gins but coriander has hints of lemon on the nose and with a healthy twist in the glass, the gin seems to be made for a G&T with a backbone! It’s an interesting gin to put head to head with Beefeater, as the two have both a similar heritage, price point and are both distinct as London Dry gins – we recommend trying both to see which you prefer. Silver Medal - International Spirits Challenge 2016
Capacity 0,7 Lts
Country Scotland
Alcool 47.3

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