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The History of Absolut begins in the 19th century, thanks to the extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit of a man: Lars Olsson Smith. At the age of 14, Lars Olsson Smith already controlled a third of the vodka sales in Switzerland, where its production is traditional. In 1879, Lars Olsson Smith introduced in the market his work of art: Absolut rent Branvin - Absolut pure vodka - elaborated thanks to a revolutionary method of distillation, called Continuous Distillation. Still in use today, this unique method eliminates the vodka impurities and keeps the taste of the ingredients. The strict production rules established by Lars Olsson Smith continue to make Absolut a distinguished brand. The photo of its creator is in every Absolut Vodka bottle, carefully "supervising" the quality of the product.

Capacity 0,7 Lts
Country Sweden
Alcool 40

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